Re: Secure Servers (SMTP, POP3, FTP)

From: turbo23 (
Date: 02/13/01

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 15:07:00 +0100
To: Neil Blakey-Milner <>
From: turbo23 <>

> > >or maybe you like to run ftpd with tcp-server, from mr. djb.
> > >small, fast and easy to configure.
> >
> > You can also run ftpd with xinetd. It can also handle maximum number of
> > connections. IMHO it isn't as fast as Bernsteins tcp-server but it's more
> > secure than inetd.
>I'm not aware of any security issues in FreeBSD's inetd that involve it
>running an external (ie, exec) service. Care for pointers?
>19 June 2000, xinetd had the following bug:
> Certain versions of xinetd have a bug in the access control
> mechanism. If you use a hostname to control access to a service
> (localhost instead of ), xinetd will allow any connection
> from hosts that fail a reverse look-up.
>Perhaps you mean inetd's on other systems (like those that don't have
>connection limits, and those that turn services off for 10 minutes
>without configurability on the amount of time turned off)?

You're right. But we had troubles with some inetd and Linux machines. I
thought this could be a problem with freebsd too. But I was wrong. Anwyway
we are using tcpserver at the moment.


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