BIND 9.1 woes

From: Richard Ward (
Date: 01/30/01

From: "Richard Ward" <>
To: <freebsd-security@FreeBSD.ORG>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 21:43:03 -0500

I just downloaded the BIND 9.1 tarball after hearing about the chaos with previous versions. I did run into something odd that I can't quite figure out, it's also mentioned in the 9.1 documentation and I'm sure some one knows the answer. I managed to start BIND fine, yet digging through the logs I ran into this line that makes me wonder.

entropy.c:948: unexpected error:
fcntl(8, F_SETFL, 4): Inappropriate ioctl for device

Could some one shed light on this "problem"? Also, when trying to start BIND 9.1, it will start fine as 'named -g', though when I try to 'named -u bind -g bind' (so it runs as that user/group) it doesn't launch to the background, and fails to start period. Any ideas? (Sorry for all the questions, I just moved from 8.X and am still getting used to the changes/features)

Richard Ward

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