RE: Failover firewalls with ipfw?

From: Jason DiCioccio (
Date: 01/20/01

From: Jason DiCioccio <>
To: 'Jorge Peixoto Vasquez' <>, Sean Lutner <>
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:53:42 -0800

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Better than PIX? That's not a tough claim considering PIX has more
holes in it than the Titanic :-)

Just thought I'd throw my PIX gripe in there.

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From: Jorge Peixoto Vasquez []
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To: Sean Lutner
Subject: Re: Failover firewalls with ipfw?

Sean Lutner wrote:
> I'm currently doing some research into firewalls, and which one(s)
> would be right for my network. I'm considering everything from
> Checkpoint-1, to Cisco Pix, to ipchains, to ipfw on FreeBSD. My
> question is this. Does anyone out there know of any
> utilities/code/addons I could use to
> implement a failover pair of firewalls using ipfw and fbsd? Ideally
> I'd like to do stateful failover, but having two machines always on
> and a heartbeat solution might wirk as well. If anyone can offer
> some pointers, it would be much appreciated.

Dear Mr. Sean Lutner,

Our product does everything you want (except for stateful failover)
altough not open-sourced, is much cheaper than these commercial
solutions you want.

Altough a little bit unknown outside Brazil, we have no fear of
our product is at least in par with Checkpoint Fw1 or Pix, for

Please take a look at our web page and download a free (english, of
course) evaluation version. If you prefer, please send me your
and I'll have our customer service dept mail you a CD ASAP.

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