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From: Wes Peters (
Date: 01/18/01

Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 10:06:54 -0700
From: Wes Peters <>
To: Jonas Luster <>

Jonas Luster wrote:
> [ Reformatted for readers sanity ]
> * Pavol Adamec sez:
> > > I know the subject suggests an SPAM, but it isn't.
> > >
> > > It would be great to have a small gadget (for example, with
> > > an USB interface) with the ssh private key stored, so that ssh used it
> > > to authenticate instead of having to store the key in the disk.
> > Rainbow Technologies - iKey
> If I understand the webpage correctly, then this is not a storage medium
> for random keys and such... but myabe I'm missing this fetaure.

It's a small writable flash memory in a USB dongle. Conceptually, it
should work fine for storing small blobs of data like a key.

> For my BSD-machines I've bought a Compact Flash 16MB card and some
> CFreaders for the desktops and stored my PGP and SSH stuff on them. A
> small script mounts and unmounts the CF-card (which announces itself to
> the OS as a new file system) under .keys, and .ssh, .pgp and .gpg have
> the needed symlinks.
> This seems so far the most cost-effective and portable solution.

Versus $10 for an iButton reader and $2 for an iButton? You'd have to write
code to extract the keys from the iButton, though. Being able to mount the
CF device is a nice advantage.

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