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Hi All,
The first round of speakers have been selected for Securitybyte, please
follow us on twitter @securitybyte to get the latest updates on speakers and

Deral Heiland, From Printer to Owned: Leveraging Multifunction Printers
During Penetration Testing
Nithya Raman, Security threats on social networks
Alexander Polyakov, A Crushing Blow At the Heart of SAP J2EE Engine
Bishan Singh, Enabling Un-trusted Mashups
Krzysztof Kotowicz, HTML5: Something Wicked This Way Comes
John McColl, Hacking Corporate Telephony
Aseem Jakhar, Runtime thread injection and execution in Linux processes
George Nicolaou, Alternative Exploitation Vectors (A study of CVE-3333)
Michele Orru, Securing the Browser
Kanwal K. Mookhey, The Data Theft Epidemic in India
Vivek Ramachandran, Enterprise Wi-Fi Worms, Backdoors and Botnets for Fun
and Profit

The 2nd round of CFP is out


Securitybyte is proud to announce its Second Annual International
Information Security Conference, "Securitybyte 2011" in Bangalore, India.
This 4-day event features two days of conferences and two days of
post-conference hands-on Trainings & Certifications covering every aspect of
Information Security. The Securitybyte conference features some of the most
respected names in the Security space and is focused around new research and
innovation. The Securitybyte Conference 2011 is planned for Sept 6th through
9th, 2011 at The Taj Hotel in Bangalore, India.

The two-day conference (Sept 6th & 7th) will have the following three

Deep Technical
Government & Governance

Submission Deadline: The first round of submission of papers for conference
talks and trainings should be done no later than August 5th, 2011. Please
send all your submissions to cfp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, keeping subject line as
"SB 2011 CFP Submission".


Got a new attack against any technology or device? We want to see it.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

Case studies around any of the topics above of how the
implementation was done and what were some of the lessons learned.


Cloud Security
Electronic Device Security (Cell Phones / PDA's)
Defeating Biometrics
WLAN, RFID and Bluetooth Security
Data Recovery and Incident Response
Virtualization Security
Database Security
Forensic & Cyber security

Regulatory & Law

Copyright infringement and anti-copyright infringement
enforcement technologies
Critical infrastructure issues
Data security and privacy issues
Identity theft, identity creation & identity fraud
Corporate Espionage

National Security

Cyber forensics
Cyber warfare
Cyber Espionage
Next hyphenGen Cyber threats
Critical Infrastructure protection
Surveillance & counter-surveillance

Speaker Submission:

Please use the following submission form template to respond:

Name, title, address, email, and phone/contact number
Short biography, qualifications, occupation, achievements, and
affiliations (limit 250 words.)
Summary or abstract of your presentation (limit 1250 words.)
Technical requirements (video, internet, wireless, audio, etc.)
References (Contact name, title, and email address of two conferences
you have spoken at or comparable references.)

**Please note, product or vendor pitches are not accepted. If your talk
involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is
offering, please do not submit a proposal.

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