Re: [fw-wiz] obscure email address formats

On May 23, 2011, at 1:30 PM, ArkanoiD wrote:
Is there any good reason to allow email addresses (in smtp, imap and alikes)
in any format different from mailbox@fqdn ?

There is plenty of other stuff defined in RFCs and I wonder if anyone really uses it so
I should *not* just filter it out.

People around these parts use address tags <user+mailbox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> all of the time to attempt delivery to a particular mailbox (if it exists) rather than INBOX.

RFC-5322 discusses obsolete addressing and header formats and suggests how they should be handled. Nobody is likely to use explicit address routing nowadays, or UUCP !-paths, or headers with arbitrary amounts of whitespace between a header and the colon (ie, "Date : " rather than "Date: ").


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