Re: [fw-wiz] is the ASA a true hardware solution?

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On 5/5/2011 1:11 PM, Greg Whynott wrote:

in the context of the never ending debates related to
software/hardware firewalls...

i was looking inside of our newest 5580, it appears to be a
standard HP server box (DL585) with a hardware encryption
accelerator option card inserted into a pci slot. everything else
appears to be verbatim to what you would receive from HP if you
ordered their high end x86 server box.

should one not have any sort of encryption needs, would this box
considered a software firewall? I couldn't find one custom asic,
module or other chip with a cisco brand stamp on it, beyond the



ASA devices are software firewalls w/ hardware accelerated encryption.
It also uses Linux and virtualization, although I'm not well versed in
the specifics, but I believe a search on Google should lend more.


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