Re: [fw-wiz] Proxies, opensource and the general market: what's wrong with us?

I think that what's happened is the relevant open source
security tools for today are no longer proxies or packet
filters but plugins for your web browser.


Your DSL/cable modem will have firewall/NAT stuff in it
for home and for corporate, you've got dedicated hardware.
Its role is to allow you to use things like DLNA and Bonjour
and other services inside your home network whilst providing
protection from hackers that want to mount your IPC$.

With more sophisticated content, the threat model has moved
past basic access to the system and into the content itself.

Proxies and virus software can, to some extent, deal with this
but I now find myself relying more on two other open source
tools: "no script" and "request policy". At the time I started
using "request policy", if it wasn't already available then
I would have started writing one myself. What's lacking with
these two tools is the enterprise solution where a configuration
is delivered to users in a manner that they can't play with it.

IMHO, the problem space for open source security solutions that
are relevant to today has moved on..


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