Re: [fw-wiz] Proxies, opensource and the general market: what's wrong with us?

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 11:01:45AM -0700, david@xxxxxxx wrote:

Ok, I'll take a look at that.

Please use CVS snapshot, the current one should be ok (I will probably mark it
with some tag), tarballs and rpms are too old.

for an ssh proxy, what I minimally need is the ability to be a direct
replacement for tn-gw and ftp-gw without it enabling tunneling.

That might be relatively easy if we are not going to dive deep in key management.
I hope I will make some hack (at least better one that patched openssh I used before) soon.

something like tn-gw where the user connects to the firewall then
specifies where to go from there for an interactive terminal session, with
port forwarding

Yes, it was the only thing it did provide.

something like ftp-gw where an authenticated user is able to transfer
files through the connection and log what's moved

both of these authenticated to authsrv

future enhancements:

optionally allow port forwarding

add the ability to do firewalling for the ports forwarded through ssh

add the ability to specify what commands can be executed to a destination
through the proxy (as opposed to the default login)

add key management (for incoming, support using the ssh identity as the
userid, with our without additional authentication with authsrv, for
outbound, support different client certs for different userids, possibly
for different userid/destination pairs) potentially doing the keyserver
relay back to the client. This is the lowest priority item for me.

Sounds reasonable.

I actually don't have an objection to the firewall being a collection of
different tools gathered togeather (that's just good code re-use in the
best opensource tradition), it may require some tweaks to code, or some
scripts to create the appropriate config files for some of the tools, but
that is far better than having to completely re-write the tools.

That's why I was talking about "kickstart" -- a set of configuration
templates that eases this task.

actually, I was not thinking in terms of templates, but rather something
that would let you define access in terms of groups like the traditional
authsrv entries in netperm-table and have a script that would create the
corresponding config for squid (picking an example). I actually have
something along these lines today that is a script running out fo
cron that checks the timestamp on netperm-table and anytime it
changes it looks for authsrv lines with http or https types and creates
files for the groups allowing those groups to go to the destinations
specified and then kicks squid with a reconfigure (I ahve other processes
to do authentication for IPs to populate what the sources for each group
are). This allows the use of a fairly mature tool without the people
implementing the permissions having to worry about learning a different
config file format. they just make authsrv entries and everything else is
taken care of for them.

There is a tool like that to configure djbdns forwarder service (dnsctl).
Maybe other companion tools might be useful, to configure, say, packet filtering
(or VPN, or whatever else).

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