Re: [fw-wiz] IPv6

Darren Reed wrote:
That is the point of why it needs to be someone like the US Government
and/or DoD saying "be available by IPv6 or you will get no work."

The problem with that theory is that the government and DoD and
whatnot don't even write the specs anymore. They're written by
contractors, for other contractors. No contractor with 1/2 of a
brain is going to specify something that makes them do extra
work that won't make them money, or that means making their
problem harder if there are kludgy workarounds.

That's the polite and reasoned response. :)
The alternate response would be "Bwaaahaahaaaaaa!! ADA.
C2 by 92! FDDI to the desktop. Credibility gap? No, that's
a credibility ABYSS."

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