Re: [fw-wiz] IPv6

Carl Friedberg wrote:
You may not be planning to think about IPV6, but the folks at Redmond have been. If you Google on IPV6 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (or Windows 7, or even Vista), you will find that the IPV6 protocol is a mandatory component of those OS, and you are told that disabling IPV6 (unbinding that protocol from an interface) makes your OS unsupported. Microsoft did not bother to test those OS with IPV6 disabled (or so they say, at this point).

Not seeing what bearing any of that, or what I deleted, has on the original

Neither my border router nor my (current, archaic) firewall do IPv6. Nor,
come to think of it, does any of my core LAN equipment. If I tried to
approach my boss to tell him we needed to throw away all of our network
gear and replace it, at a cost of 10s of thousands of dollars, to support
IPv6, he'd either fire me or have me committed.

And yes: The corporate LAN is, unfortunately, riddled with 'doze PCs.
Oddly enough: The lack of IPv6 support on LAN, WLAN, and 'net
connection (and WLAN, when we had one) did not seem to be a problem.


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