Re: [fw-wiz] Getting windows user name?

You can use the SysInternals(acquired by Microsoft) psexec tool to
enumerate users. For instance, say you want the user list on a XP
workstation. Tell psexec to run "net users".

On 9/8/2010 9:02 PM, Paul D. Robertson wrote:
On Wed, 8 Sep 2010, ArkanoiD wrote:

Is there a way to retrieve Windows user name for any given workstation, something like
Unix identd, but using AD only? Terminal servers are non-issue at the moment (well,
another issue), let's assume there is only one logged in that matters. Seems that ISA does it?
Is it possible to implement such a functionality without netbios requests?

I don't think you can do a non-DCOM query without installing an agent on
the Windows side- but I suppose it depends on where you need the

Samba's wmi-client will do the dcom query.

Here's info on doing it via http with a client installed on the Windows

If you're just trying to do the NTLM auth like ISA, this link may help:

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