Re: [fw-wiz] covert timing channel data

On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 07:05:10PM +0300, Melissa Stockman wrote:
I'm doing research on covert timing channel detection [...]
Does anyone know where I can find such data?

This is my timing side-channel link collection:

I should probably break that section up into remote & local, but I'm
already 3 levels deep :-)

I'd definitely check out "remote timing attacks are practical", I think
that one has the most information for your case.

You might want to check out Bernstein's AES attacks, or a statistician,
to characterise the distributions you're looking at.

I asked on NANOG a few months ago, but didn't get any good network
latency information.

BTW, "least amount of time" isn't a good measure. It turns out that's too
unstable... 1st to 5th percentile measurements are much more stable.
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