Re: [fw-wiz] Intranet or intranet?

While I've always spelled it as Intranet everywhere I've written it - I am now completely convinced that I have been in the wrong for many, many years..

It is an intranet - not The Intranet. If you want to name it - then you can capitalize it.....e.g. Behmnet

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While somewhat off topic (ok, a lot of topic), seems folks on this list might be in a good position to answer, and since there's never been a shortage of opinions here...I thought I might inquire.

Should one, when writing about a company's internal web server (not the Internet, and not an extranet), spell the name "intranet" with a capital "I" or not?

I.E. "Intranet" or "intranet?"

Votes? Thoughts?

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