Re: [fw-wiz] Intranet or intranet?


The noun internet means a network of networks. It is a group of
connected networks - an internetwork. The I in IP standards for
internet. The capitalisation of Internet is used for THE Internet. It
is a proper noun in this case. (See -
Which says "Internet - (Note: capital "I"). The Internet is the
largest internet (with a small "i") in the world)

Following this rule the services provided internally would be an
intranet. However, if one colleague was emailing another and was
talking about the company intranet they would correctly refer to it as
the Intranet. You could think of it like the word as being the name of
the network.

On 2 August 2010 14:56, Behm, Jeff <jbehm@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
While somewhat off topic (ok, a lot of topic), seems folks on this list
might be in a good position to answer, and since there’s never been a
shortage of opinions here…I thought I might inquire.

Should one, when writing about a company’s internal web server (not the
Internet, and not an extranet), spell the name “intranet” with a capital “I”
or not?

I.E. “Intranet” or “intranet?”

Votes? Thoughts?


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