Re: [fw-wiz] Gartner as usual..

Who's shopping for their first firewall?

Unfortunately, all too many companies, many of whom have been booted
into action by things like PCI, HIPPA, et al, and are now having to
implement the bare minimum mandated measures.

So yes, when the external mandate says "go get a firewall", a LOT of
folks are now looking at them for the first time, and they do not know
what they're doing.

Yes, it's a sorry state of affairs, but it's also one that in my
experience a lot of us hard core security geeks who have been doing this
for years loose sight of.


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..pure, organic, unblended BULLSHIT.

Not disagreeing, but wondering what your main complaint is.

I'll be honest, had you not posted the link, I never would've read
this paper. I think firewalls are a mature enough concept that a
Gartner or Forrester paper on them is irrelevant. It's about as
useful as a research paper on bread. I mean, honestly, who's shopping
for their first firewall?

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