Re: [fw-wiz] Firewall review tool for Junipers

You might want to check out Athena FirePAC. It supports Juniper Netscreen
firewalls and does many of the things you mention, including PCI DSS
compliance assessment for firewalls. You can download the tool and try it
for free.

I am CTO of Athena Security.

--DaveH "Be Excellent to each other!"

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Hi there,

Just wanted to get some advice from the forum. What tools do you use
to perform firewall policies review on Junipers firewall? One of the
driver is to comply with PCIDSS. Due to the number of firewalls I hope
there is some proven tools out there that can help with things like
gathering configs, identify diff in rulesets etc. I am prepared for
manual analysis but want to automate as much as possible, especially
this will be a recurring tasks. Anyway welcome any open source or
commercial suggestions. Thanks heaps for your help.


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