Re: [fw-wiz] Inline 2 port POE Firewall

What about the RouterBoard 433 series boards. Three NICs and POE, firewall on RouterOS is Linux 2.6 based, so iptables is there. If you want gigabit ethernet, the 600 series has that.



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i'm looking for an in-line firewall which runs on power over the ethernet. Two ports, one in and one out - running
something like iptables or monowall etc.

Ideally, i'd like to see a yoggie style small device, but their SOHO doesn't run on poe and USB is out of the question.
~ I've seen some bareboards, but in our case it would be really handy to purchase working units (when required) for a
fairly cheap price - rather than have to build something.

This is to protect single devices, which for whatever reason can't run their own firewall, are 'odd' operating systems,
can't be vlan'd off (or they move and a port access list would have to be moved with it...) and I want protected access

Has anyone got any suggestions?

Many thanks,

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