Re: [fw-wiz] Is it possible to control access between clients on same LAN with a firewall?

William Fitzgerald a écrit :
Dear all,

Is there away to force/make it easier for the firewall to inspect
inter-LAN packets. Perhaps examining packets at layer 2 could capture this.
this is exactly the point.
there are some firewalls that can do layer2 filtering. (bridge mode,
transparent mode, layer2).

I understand that one solution would be to install a local firewall on
each machine.
this is another option, but you can have some difficulties to find a
local firewall
on a printer.

This is just a general question, so that I might better understand the
area of "inter-LAN" protection.

While it may be possible to have a firewall to not just protect traffic
from Internet to LAN and LAN to Internet but also LAN to LAN, it may not
be a practical thing to do.

Any comments or insights are welcomed.
you should check in the dd-wrt doc or ask the dd-wrt mailing list if it
can be configured with bridge interface
on the LAN.
firewall-wizards mailing list

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