Re: [fw-wiz] Is it possible to control access between clients on same LAN with a firewall?

On Mon, 25 Jan 2010, William Fitzgerald wrote:

Dear all,

I was just wondering how people control access amongst machines on the
same subnet (LAN) that are protected by the same firewall.

In my case, the firewall is a home router (WRT54G) running DD-WRT, so
iptables is the firewall there.

I'm going to give you the non-firewall, imperfect but quick and easy
solution because with my quick reading of the postings I've approved, I
didn't see anyone suggest it yet- and it works no matter what you're using
as a router, assuming that it operations normally, and someone hasn't been
too clever in making it work...

Supernet the router, so use something like say as
the "internal" network on the router. From here, you'll either need
relatively smart devices where you can assign routes, virtual addresses on
the internal router interface if you've got more than one "dumb" device.
Let's say we're going to assign the router

Now, let's assume 2 computers, a printer and a WII...

Give the desktop as its subnet and assign it an
address, say Add a static route to the netbook if you need
to share files/printers just putting its address in your routing table as
an interface route. Now add a static interface route to the router's address (something like 'route add host netmask gw en0')

Give the printer as well, as you'll be printing to
it from the desktop. It doesn't need to reach the Internet, so it doesn't
get to route there.

Give your Netbook as its subnet and assign it an
address, say Print through a queue on the desktop if

Give your Wii as it's network and give it an
address in that range. The Wii probably can't add host routes, so it
needs to be on the same subnet as the router.

That's it. It won't stop an attacker who can add routes, but it'll stop
anything automatic, anyone who's dumb and 90% of the network
administrators on the planet from getting from any single device to any
other that's not a "normal" communication.

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