Re: [fw-wiz] Using linux firewalls for PCI compliant infrastructure

On Wed, 25 Nov 2009, Siim Põder wrote:


We are using linux-based servers as firewalls for PCI compliant
infrastructure. During audits it has been OK so far but security
people internally have suggested that maybe a commercial product would
be better suited for PCI infrastructure (as it is pretty critical).

Have them articulate *why* they think it would be better-suited in terms
of the DSS standard. Have them articulate what security features they
think are missing in your current infrastructure, then you can make an
informed analysis of how to implement those features (be it with Linux or
what have you.) The term "commercial firewall" still probably encompasses
over a hundred devices from I dunno- more than fifty vendors- so how
anyone who's got any clue about security can make that an argument without
detail is beyond me. If they're just looking to spend money, I'd be happy
to do a security review! ;)

What do you think, would a commercial firewall provide a tangible
improvement in security?

The security policy instituted by the firewall is the biggest thing that
impacts security. Second is the layers you're doing security at, but then
you have to do apples-to-apples comparisons, and fewer and fewer products
are doing high-level filtering that's meaningful these days. Finally,
many commercial firewalls are fancy VPN management interfaces and GUIs
over Linux systems. But first of all, you need to decide what your policy
is, what protections it provides and what your largest threats are, then
you need to apply that to the PCI-DSS standard and see where you're at.
Every time I do it, I find that I'm much better off spending time on OSSEC
on my PCI-compliant hosts than firewall rules.

Is anyone else using linux-based firewalls for PCI (or otherwise > sensitive)

Yes, lots of people are.

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