Re: [fw-wiz] PIX in multiple IPsec roles

Dan Ritter wrote:
Is there a plausible way to convince a PIX to pass through an
IPsec tunnel to another device while simultaneously being an
endpoint for a different tunnel?

I have sites A, B, and C. Each has a PIX515E with tunnels to the
other two sites.

Now a vendor wants to establish a tunnel to a device inside
PIX A. I seem to be lacking the right keywords to search for


I dont quite understand. this new tunnel you want to set up, will it go from the outside internet to something inside pixA or will it go from inside siteB or siteC to something inside siteA?

either way there should be no real problem that i can see, perhaps a smaller mtu if the latter case. if the former case you may have to map some services to the inside device.
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