Re: [fw-wiz] sla with source route

Hi Lawrence,

I have seen no response to you question, so:
1. never use source route as an operationnal solution: a lot of security boxes
(hard and soft) and OSes drop packets with source route option. This kind of
packet is VERY dangerous.
2. why don't u use BGP to solve your problem?


Selon Lord Sporkton <lordsporkton@xxxxxxxxx>:

I wanted to do a double wan with a source route with an sla or similar

i want a certain IP to use a certain outbound connection unless that
connection is down at which time i want it to use a different

I was looking into doing this with a source route tied to SLA,
something like any from hostA next hop wan1 track blahhh

but wasnt sure on the specifics? should i policy match on a route? and
then track on that route with sla? or other?

this is just something spinning in my head, im going to do a mock test
in a day or so but wanted to ask if anyone has done something like
this. in this case the policy route is needed as normal traffic will
go out a different connection and the specific ip/traffic that will be
source routed

thank you
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