Re: [fw-wiz] 2 PIXes with their interfaces sharing the same switch and on the same VLAN.

Hi Rudy,

Are the two pix'es connected in other way besides the wan? For example A
"lan" and B "dmz" are in the same network. If they are connected via
these interfaces that explains why changing the gateway works. If you
enable nat on B "dmz" you should be able to connect to the server.

On Sat, 2009-08-01 at 08:19 +0700, Rudy Setiawan wrote:
Hi all,

I have some problem that I need some solution/advice :)

I have two PIX'es
* PIX A WAN is connected to Provider A
* PIX B WAN is connected to Provider B
* PIX A inside interface has the IP address of
* PIX B DMZ interface has the IP address of
* PIX B inside interface has the IP address of
* Subnet mask for all of the IP addresses or /16

I disabled nat by way of nat 0 access-list to both PIXes and the
interfaces as well (except the WAN).
I have a "ip permit any any" applied to all interfaces except the WAN,

A user with IP has a gateway of is able to ping a
server in (the server has a gateway of but is
unable to ssh to the server.
But if I changed the gateway of the server to, then the user
is able to ssh to the server.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thank you so much in advance for the help.


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