Re: [fw-wiz] State of security technology for the enterprise

On Thu, 30 Apr 2009, Marcus J. Ranum wrote:

...And nobody has ever done an adequate job of explaining what is
stateful about SPI or particularly "deep" about DPI. As one of those

Oh, the stateful part was explained pretty well- as were the state tables,
it was the "inspection" part that was all over the map in SPI just like
in DPI...

obnoxious guys who always did everything at Layer 7, it seems more
like an argument about who's the tallest kid in the shallow end of
the pool.

I get to have a proxy conversation with a bank tomorrow, because *all*
their literature for their ACH service requires "unrestricted Internet
access" with (at least according to the manuals, no place to even put a
proxy for the HTTS or FTP methods.) *sigh*

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