Re: [fw-wiz] Who stay focused? (was: [Fwd: Question])

Jeff, April 14 2009 9:38 PM

Global view of infosys? How can one *not* have a global view.

Very easily: stuck to the graphical management interface for of
your firewalls and anti-virus solution.
That the "classical" view of infosys (sadly). If you got a
firewalls and an AV, then you are safe! (the "lucky stone"

Maybe I take that for granted (but shouldn't), because if I
had a nickel for every time a developer/implementer could have
made things better if they would have had the "big picture"

You will be rich, and a lot of us too! :(

[1] Definition of "old timer", please? (or perhaps maybe
I shouldn't want to know that answer)

An "old timer" is someone who enter the field before the second
half of 90's
A "very old timer" is someone who, before mid-90's, know what
SEAL was ;)


"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't
go away." Philipp K. Dick.
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