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On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 6:49 PM, Marcus J. Ranum <mjr@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Paul D. Robertson wrote:

The other side of the coin is that adding layers adds complexity and code-
and adding code adds bugs- so you don't *always* get a net security gain by
adding "protecion."

You raise a problem that I've spent too much time pondering. In effect,
it refutes the "conventional wisdom" of computer security. Which goes
as follows:
Item #1 - Defense in depth is good
Item #2 - Complexity is the enemy of security

If #2 is true, #1 can't be, because defense in depth adds complexity.


Perhaps a more nuanced discussion on the nature of complexity is in
order. If I perform 5 simple but very beneficial (Securitywise) things
to achieve better defense in depth, how much complexity have I really
added compared to implementing 5 very intricate things?

There will always be a set of tradeoffs to consider. Where one ends up
depends very much on where one thinks one is going.
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