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Forgive my ignorance but why is SCADA even allowed to run on a Windows host? IMHO - when industry insists (i.e. $$$ on the table) on secure alternatives can and will become available.
Remote SCADA logging can be done securely over the Internet with authentication, confidentiality, integrity, and non-repudiation. Delays can happen but data will never be lost. It's a one way street from device(s) to logger(s).
Real-time SCADA control should be confined to a LAN/intranet where complete network/power redundancy and backup systems are also controlled by the site. The Internet is not 100% reliable for real-time control (e.g. San Jose area last week). I did not lose any log data. I lost visibility of a couple of systems for a while. When the connection came back the missed data points were filled in - as designed.
I'm not trolling - I'm actively solving these problems and welcome comments from those who are also.


Dan Hassler
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