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On Tue, 14 Apr 2009, Bertolett, Richard wrote:

Security, particularly cyber-security, is best implemented in layers.
So yes, you do need an anti-virus system, and yes, you do need to apply
MS security patches, and you do need firewalls, a DMZ, and ways to keep
the users from doing things on SCADA computers that they should not be
doing. But easy should never be a driver in security decisions, it is
much more secure to retrieve patches and virus sigs from an internal
server, say little of the internet connection bandwidth usage.

The other side of the coin is that adding layers adds complexity and code-
and adding code adds bugs- so you don't *always* get a net security gain
by adding "protecion." That's not even factoring in having to update the
update infrastructure, configuration complexity, or a bunch of other

Adding layers should be done on a risk-based basis, with the probability
of failure of a particular control or the elevation of a particular attack
vector taken into account.

Also, the "obvious" choices aren't always the best ones. I can stop more
Windows malware with permissions and group policies than I can with
anti-virus software for instance.

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