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On Thu, 2 Apr 2009, Chris Blask wrote:

piece of serious substance in there somewhere. It is - at best - the
morning of a one-day Network Security For Idiots class (maybe the first
hour) and the folks writing it are a thousand times more interested in
not doing anything that could lead to them being sued than they are
about creating actual security. But we need to set baseline standards

That's the point- if it were more well-written and had depth, it would be
more than the "Don't get sued" checklist, it'd be a move forward to
achieving security, and the point is supposed to be about DLP for CC info,
not not getting sued, so it's already lost at some level. Great synopsis

in industry as a whole somehow and whatever we can get people to
reliably follow is a better start than a more laudable standard that is

Contractually, it can't be ignored without great peril, so that's a bad
excuse for them not doing better.

I also agree with Marcus that it's the Pen Tester's Employment Security

Oh, it is. And even there, having more Pen Testing done in the world is
itself a move in a positive direction, so that's a good thing by any

If you're a pen tester. I can set up a gazillion systems with holes that
a pen test won't ever find- pen testing as a stipulated requirement is
silly- there are lots of ways to ensure your security that actually work,
pen testing at best should be an option in conjunction with stronger
methods like configuration auditing of security devices.

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