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Working for a .com e-commerce company, it is the most frustrating thing dealing with this standard. There is some specifics on some sections, and a lot of vagueness in others...the application firewall requirement being the one that ticks me off the most.

If you are reading PCI DSS 1.1, then yeah, "stateful inspection" was the answer. If you're reading PCI DSS 1.2, "application firewall" is the answer. But, they don't define what the "application firewall" is supposed to do and what it's supposed to block/stop/log. I have demo'ed no less than 8 "application firewalls" in the last year, with only two of them actually logging/blocking anything bad. Additionally, there are "application firewalls" out there that do nothing more than match IDS signatures and block them.

PCI DSS is pretty sad. They could have taken another already-established standard with some brains behind it and adopted it instead...just said, you must follow "OrgA" standards for system hardening and auditing and whatnot...called it a day.

Paul D. Robertson wrote:
Is it just me, or do the PCI DSS "standards" for firewalls look like someone played "I have a CISSP" buzzword bingo?

Do the PCI folks _really_ think "stateful inspection" is the answer, and isn't that a Checkpoint trademark anyway?

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