[fw-wiz] Interface Errors on a Cisco ASA 5520


I just put into production a pair of Cisco ASA 5520s with a Cisco 2970 switch between the two. I am seeing no buffer, input errors, and overrun errors on the active outside and inside interfaces (output is error free). I have all interfaces on the ASAs and the switch hard coded to 1000Mbps and full duplex, TAC wasn't much help and Google doesn't have much to offer on the subject. Given that speed and duplex mismatch usually manifest itself as CRC and or collisions this seems more like an input buffer size issue, but I am not sure.

By the way, the load is about 40Mbps right now and the error counters seem to increase in burst (no increase since I first checked it at about 9 this morning).

Any ideas?

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