Re: [fw-wiz] Residential Gateway vulnerabilities

I prefer to put the modem into transparent mode and do the
firewalling/NAT using something with more firepower. IPCop (Linux) and
m0n0wall (FreeBSD) are both excellent, free and need relatively low
end hardware. Also quite easy and quick to setup.


2009/1/13 Ken Fox <kenfox@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Folks -

Does anyone have a good source of information on vulnerabilities in OTS
residential gateways?

Specifically DLINK & NETGEAR?

no new news here but I was getting flooded with inbound traffic so I
powered my cable modem down for a while. within 25 seconds of power up with
a NEW IP address, I was getting scanned again. Oh, and the best part is that
the source IP was

-- Ken

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