[fw-wiz] Multiple Outside IPs on Cisco PIX 6.3.3

Rather new to the advanced pix configs - I've been doing basic pix config/maint for the past 3 years.

I've got 13 public IPs that are coming in thru a cable modem to my PIX. The fist IP is routing correctly, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the PIX to accept any of the other IPs that I've bought.

Now, I'm used to the linux (redhat background) method if adding an alias to an interface, eg:
ifconfig eth0:0
ifconfig eth0:1
.. and so on and so forth.

Basically, is an equivalent operation possible with the PIX? (Running PIX ver 6.3(3))

(Of course, I'd like to be able to do static translation based on incoming IP, but I think I've got that line covered: "static (inside,outside) tcp smtp smtp netmask 0 0").

How do I add multiple "aliases" (for lack a better term) to the outside interface?

Thanks in advance for your patience and advice.

Josiah Bryan

Josiah Bryan
IT Manager
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