Re: [fw-wiz] Windows dynamic ARP

Actually an easier way would be to use the requestedresponse filter in
Xarp. This only allows a response if your host generated a request.
If you are static mapping ip to mac you should never generate a

Unfortunately XArp can't really 'filter' (drop) the packets, but alert you.

I am sure you will correct me Chris (You did write the tool after all
;-) but I was under the impression the requestedresponse filter
actually dropped a response to the host Xarp is running on if the host
didn't issue an arp request ?

I am currently working on a Linux port where writing a network driver for

wouldn't arptables
be able to handle the linux side of things ?

If you want to get an overview of mechanisms available for ARP attack
detection, you can have a look at a (yet incomplete) presentation I once

You could also possibly include Cisco's Dynamic Arp Inspection (DAI)
in your line up of products. Sounds good on paper....

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