Re: [fw-wiz] Edge appliance (firewall) that filters/monitors/records instant messenger?

On Fri, 5 Dec 2008, Victor Williams wrote:

I am looking at different technologies to address the constant and
ever-changing instant messenger issue. At this point, I'm looking at
two options really...block everything at the firewall except incoming
VPN connections, and use a proxy server for any required outgoing
internet access, and use an internal IM/conferencing service like Office
Communications Server 2007 that can hook to public IM networks if needed...

If you're working with primarily Windows clients then Softwre Restriction
Policies are your friend. If you're in an AD environment, then doing it
through AD is the way to go, otherwise through local policies on each

If they can't execute the client, it can't talk out- problem solved.

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