Re: [fw-wiz] Edge appliance (firewall) that filters/monitors/records instant messenger?

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 8:07 PM, Victor Williams
<bwilliam13@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am looking at different technologies to address the constant and
ever-changing instant messenger issue. At this point, I'm looking at two
options really...block everything at the firewall except incoming VPN
connections, and use a proxy server for any required outgoing internet

Even with a proxy, savvy users will be able to bypass all but the most
intrusive IM controls. Short of doing MITM on every SSL session or
locking down all devices on the network, the problem of IM may be
better solved through HR than IT.

Properly configured, a Sidewinder firewall can make it very difficult
for users to tunnel out to Internet IM (by validating the protocol for
on both TCP/22 and TCP/443 or any other CONNECT destination), but not

and use an internal IM/conferencing service like Office
Communications Server 2007 that can hook to public IM networks if needed...

OCS seems to be the preferred solution to this problem, at least for
Microsoft-centric shops. Yes, it can be a pain to set up, and MS
wants a per-seat license for federation with other IM networks, but it
does work.

Overall question, does anyone know of any other options that would allow me
to manage this traffic and be able to provide to management transcripts of
what is typed, and to whom?

Look into Blue Coat and Symantec's "IMlogic"

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