[fw-wiz] Cisco ASA code quirk

I'm not very familiar with firewalls, but I've inherited a network where the only networking devices *are* firewalls. I tried to make a change tonight, as follows:

route int2 10
no route int2 1

The existing routes were:

route int1 10
route int2 1

Just to finish the story, I was trying to get private traffic to go across int2, and public (everything else) traffic across link 1, which - as configured - is dark copper until int2 blows up.

Anyway, when I made the change, the firewall responded to a "sh run route" with:

route int2 10
route int1 10

Obviously not what I wanted, and the end result was no change in traffic patterns. The only thing I can think of that might explain it is if the firewall is routing classfully, but it's got a /30 interface, so I know that's not the case.

What gives?


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