Re: [fw-wiz] Windows dynamic ARP

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008, Dave Love wrote:

What do you mean by dynamic arp entry? ARP maps ips to mac addresses. If

There are two ways to get an entry into the ARP table, a static entry,
which you specify at the command line with the arp command (arp -s
usually,) and a dynamic entry, which is the result of an ARP WHOHAS packet
(dynamic come in two flavors, those you actually ask for, and gratuitous,
which you get off the wire and are generally frowned upon from a security

you make a static arp entry aren't you trying to map the ip to the arp
address statically? Why not just use dhcp to do this?

Because what I want to do is to stop a node from adding nodes that I don't
specifically want to talk to it- not add an additional or fixed node.

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