Re: [fw-wiz] VPN NAT issue

Those commands do not allow access. You need to use a static rule then
provide an access list. They should be the same as the other ones with
different numbers and also apply the access-list to the other interface
using a different name. Forexample, Access-list IN and Access-list IN2
are bound to the interface by Access-Group IN and Access-Group IN2.

I've attached a document that shows the rules. It's a little old but
still relevant.

I think this is what you are asking.

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I'm using Cisco PIX 515E with 8.0(3) image.
I have 3 networks.
VPN local pool is
I'm using remote access VPN to reach IN servers without problems(I
used howto from Cisco pix conf. guide)

I would like to reach IN2 servers too, but I don't know to setup NAT
from vpn pool to this network(IN2).
I this network (IN2) my VPN hosts( must be translated.

I tried
nat (OUT) 66
global (IN2) 66
but this doesn't work.

Is any possibility to translate VPN pool?

Many thanks
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