[fw-wiz] point to point tunnel asa to pix for all traffic

I am trying to set up a tunnel between a PIX 515(in colo) running PIX7
code and a PIX 506E(at a branch site), the tunnel should push all
internet(or at the very least all web traffic, port 80 that is) out of
the colo PIX. After the colo PIX is a sonicwall content filter doing
some general blocking, we want a central content filter since there
are many branch sites and the filtering is very simple. The tunnel
does come up however i can not pass any internet traffic. I believe
this is a nat problem in the colo as i was getting increments on the
inbound counters for the tunnel in colo, but outbound counters barely
Can anyone provide me with suggestions on what the nat should look lik in colo?

I was using
where the global is set up on the outside interface
nat (outside) 1

thank you
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