Re: [fw-wiz] PIX515 Inside NAT to private addresses through P2PTunnel


You can nat both source and destination at your site.

Have a look at the following example:

Keep in mind that when using this setup you will need to publish the natted
address on your Citrix servers (google for "Altaddr").


On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 8:02 PM, Dave Arroyo <dave.a@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am not a PIX super user but know enough to get in trouble...
I have a PIX515 that has a site to site tunnel to a client location where
we will be accessing Citrix servers, they are using a 10.195.x.x network
that overlaps with other private ranges allready in use throughout our
network. I can not get routing to the 10.195 networks that are on the other
end of this tunnel from the rest of my network.
How do I create a/an psudo address(es) that will NAT to the 10.195 going
through the tunnel ? I am lost !!!!

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firewall-wizards mailing list

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