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Hi Ian,

What is the revision you are running? If 6.3 then make sure that there is a 'nat 0 access-list nonat' . This matches the ACL/ACLS below depending on how many you need to build for nonat. You need a nat 0 statement above for each interface matching the nonat access- list. If this is 6.3 then will have to work with the nat 0 nonat and nat <interface> 1 to make sure the regular traffic can still get to where it needs to go i.e. the internet. If it is 7.x and above then you have several choices many of which are the same here if you choose to have nat control turned on (off by default) and the sysopt permit-ipsec on or off. If you choose to have it on, then the configuration is the same as 6.3. If you have it off then you need ACLS on the outside interface for incoming traffic. One last note, don't forget ACLS on the ingress inside interfaces if you want bi- directional traffic.

access-list nonat permit ip <dmz subnet> - and so on

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On Sep 2, 2008, at 5:06 AM, Ian Rarity wrote:


We're having a problem with our VPN; we have a PIX 515E with 4

Inside (security100) - Our internal LAN,
Outside (security0) - The Internet
Perimeter (security50) - DMZ,
Innerperimeter (security75) - "Inner" DMZ,

The VPN is a certificate/token-based set up, with VPN users being
assigned addresses from (don't ask me about the weird
addressing scheme; it was like that when I got here).

The problem we're having is that VPN users can't access hosts in either
of the DMZs, although they can see LAN hosts just fine. I'm assuming
that this is because the VPN traffic is coming in through the PIX's
"outside" interface, and the usual rule about traffic from interfaces
with a lower security level going to an interface with a higher one is

I've tried to override this with another access list, by "nat 0"-ing
the two DMZ interfaces, but external VPN users still can't see hosts in
the DMZs. Obviously I'm screwing up somewhere, but I'd be very grateful
if someone could tell me how.


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