Re: [fw-wiz] Scheduling PIX commands

Yes the xlates should timeout but that all depends on how they are
configured. you can create a global timeout or one that is done
through your translations such as with the static command. So in
short what is the timeout configured for this system, by default i
think the timeout is set to 3 hours anyways. So if you went ahead and
made the xlate change it should start using the new translation and
the old xlate will persist until they are idle for 3 hours (if
configured for the default).
Now if this system is never idle for 3 hours but there are moments
where it is idle for at least one minute you could change the timeout
variable for this one translation (if a one to one static is set) or
globally for one minute. Once you see that it has been idle for at
least a minute then it should start using the new translation. Now
this is one convuluted way of doing it whereas a clear xlate should
only kill the current active sessions and will be immediately rebuilt
on the next couple packets.


On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 10:19 PM, Lord Sporkton <lordsporkton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know its a good idea to be with in reboot distance of a device if
you are changing the configuration, but if all you are doing is
clearing the xlate table, i dont see how that could go very wrong.

I could be wrong, but wouldnt 99% of your connections time out and
clear from the xlate table within 24 hours anyway? If you have to wait
till the middle of the night anyway, why not just let it ride out?(not
sure if thats acceptable or not in your situation)

I ask especially because i have considered this many times myself

2008/8/4 Brian Ford <brford@xxxxxxxxx>:

This is why you are pad the big bucks (or pounds).

Even if there was a way of executing a clear xlate (or any other connection
impacting command) you should be sitting in front of a console within a few
minutes walk of the actual appliance when you execute the command.

You should also be thinking about testing that the Firewall and associated
equipment is back up and running properly after the action as part of your
change control activity.



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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 15:22:49 +0100
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Subject: [fw-wiz] Scheduling PIX commands
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Hi all,

We've just made some changes to our PIX config, and we need to clear
the xlates to make the changes fully live. The only problem with this
is that we also have another system that will react badly (to put it
mildly) to the state of all its connections disappearing when we do
this. This system gets an hour's downtime at 2am, so the ideal time to
clear the xlates on the PIX seems obvious.
The only problem is that, although I'm mainly nocturnal, I really can
think of better things to be doing at 2am than sitting in our server
room. Does anyone know of a way to schedule commands to run at a
specified time on a PIX 6.3 firewall?


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