Re: [fw-wiz] Scheduling PIX commands

"Lord Sporkton" <lordsporkton@xxxxxxxxx> 05/08/2008 03:19 >>>
I know its a good idea to be with in reboot distance of a device if
you are changing the configuration, but if all you are doing is
clearing the xlate table, i dont see how that could go very wrong.

Neither did I, until the first time I tried it on our live system.

I could be wrong, but wouldnt 99% of your connections time out and
clear from the xlate table within 24 hours anyway? If you have to
till the middle of the night anyway, why not just let it ride
sure if thats acceptable or not in your situation)

That would be the case for most normal apps, yes. However, the
lumbering JBoss-based monstrosity that was my main concern for this job
doesn't like it at all, and needs the actual application to be restarted
before it'll start playing nice again. I ended up using a cronned
expect script, for what it's worth.


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