Re: [fw-wiz] Auditing a firewall rulebase

Hey All,
I've released version 1.1 of the Firewall Rulebase Automation tool.
Not a major upgrade but still a few things cleaned up and it looks
better now:

- Outputs now available in reasonably neat HTML format :D
- No more complex command line arguments, everything's in a config file
- More ports added in vulnerable ports section
- Options available to obtain detailed/non detailed output

I wanted to put in detailed redundancy checking but the effort
involved was too high for this release. Maybe version 1.2 , whenever
that is ;).

The latest version is available at:

As usual please get back to me with your brickbats , they are the only
way I can improve on my work. Any good feedback as well is thoroughly
appreciated :)

Paladion Networks -

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 2:34 PM, arvind doraiswamy
<arvind.doraiswamy@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hey Guys,
Thanks for all your inputs. I got a few valuable points that I managed
to integrate together in a Perl script which will assist in auditing a
firewall rulebase. It can be useful both for a third party auditor as
well as a firewall admin who has his hands very full.

The POC is available at:

Right now it supports just Cisco PIX - but the framework is there for
other firewalls as well. Do go through the ReadMe which is part of the
file and provide me with feedback on where I have messed up - if

Thanks again

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