Re: [fw-wiz] ECHO Protocol

OK. This is the tricky part since ICMP is built basd on IP protocol and it
works on thesame layer as TCP/UDP. Then why my local services file contains:

echo 7/tcp
echo 7/udp

So the echo here is different than the Echo, Echo-reply protocol we are
talking here?


On 6/30/08, Keith A. Glass <salgak@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Echo is a specific member of the ICMP family of protocols. But not the
ONLY member. . .

Ping is typically Echo and Echo-reply.

Hope that clears it up


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On Thu Jun 26 6:00 , "peng liu" sent:


I am checking the ICMP protocol these days and some documents say that
Ping command in Windows uses ICMP protocol, while others say that Ping uses
ECHO protocol, which is through TCP port 7.

So my question is which protocol is actually used by PING command in


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