Re: [fw-wiz] Move configuration from 5510 to 5520

Jens Brey wrote:
does anyone knews a way, to move the configuration from a Cisco ASA 5510
to 5520 without the need to set all passwords new?
I think the problem is the device internal salts which are used to crypt
all the passwords/pre-shared-keys.
Is there any possibilty to extract this salts and set them on the other

I'm not aware of this limitation. I have a basic template that I use
for setting up new firewalls which includes my standard enable password
and local users. The passwords are encrypted and they have always
worked when I moved them from one device to another or my template to a
new device.

You should try moving the passwords over to the new box (cut n' paste)
and see if they still work. Then the rest of the config should be easy.

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