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Check the duplex settings on all the related links.

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Darren Maskowitz wrote:
| I'm having some issues with FTP traffic through our Cisco PIX 515E.
| Our corporate FTP server is located outside the firewall, and we
| recently upgraded the FTP server software. This resulted a noticeable
| increase in the speed uploading files to the server (5 MB/s+). However
| when attempts were made to download files from the server speeds
| average about 300 KB/s, rapidly fluctuating between 30KB/s and 600
| KB/s. Downloading the same file to a server outside our firewall
| resulted in speeds of about 6MB/s.
| Looking at the firewall: the default inspection scheme is enabled, and
| the FTP inspection is turned on. The FTP server requires active
| transfer mode, and everything works, albeit slowly. After turning off
| FTP inspection connections to the FTP server did not work until
| enabling passive mode, but that didn't change the speeds at all.
| I should probably also mention that the PIX is not doing any NAT. All
| the workstations and servers here have Internet routable IP addresses
| (206.75.x.x).
| Any suggestions?
| Thanks,
| Darren
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