Re: [fw-wiz] Cisco Security Manager clone?

On Wed, 2008-04-30 at 11:01 -0400, Mike Davis wrote:
This is my first posting so be gentle ;-)

I have an environment that is all Cisco based firewalls for my edge
protection and site to site vpns. I have a little over 100 remote
sites running on ASA 5505’s with an AES Tunnel to both the primary
(HQ) and secondary (DR ) sites. It is working quite nicely and has
been for years now but the problem I have is this… all my remote site
firewalls are not centrally managed in the sense that I can make one
change in a console and push it globally to all my remote firewalls so
that when a change is required, I have to log into each and every one
(I use SSH) and make the changes.

I know that Cisco Security Manager will allow me to do that but at the
100K pricetag I was quoted from Cisco with the blink of an eye… I just
cannot put that into my budget.

Does anyone know of or can recommend any freeware or low-cost-ware
application that will allow me to monitor and make global config
changes without having to SSH to each one? The ability to segregate
into groups and manage based upon groups would certainly be a plus as
well but not a requirement.

Hi Mike,

I use ClusterSSH ( ): a
per script for using multiple ssh connections.

I have writed a patch for using it on nodes over NAT, you can find at:


Bertera Pietro

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